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The Carriage Journal

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On the Cover of the October 2017 issue:
Lady Louise Windsor by Kathleen Haak

Lady Louise Windsor, 13, follows in the footsteps of her grandfather Prince Philip by leading the Champagne Laurent-Perrier meet of the British Driving Society at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. The French Pony Chase, built in 1875, was driven at the first Royal Windsor Horse Show in 1943 by The Queen, then Princess Elizabeth, to raise money to build a Hurricane airplane during World War II. She is accompanied by the Deputy Head Stud Groom at Windsor Castle (and CAA member) Matthew Powers.

The Tom and Betty Watt Collection by Ken Wheeling
Adult Education

    The Cart; Instead of the Horse
    The Coachman Chronicles

Youth Education

    Children’s Vehicles at the Long Island Museum
    Junior Drivers of Bermuda
    The Kids’ Barn
    A Simple Challenge
    My Driving Life
    Brandywine Valley Driving Club Pairs Youth with Seasoned Pros

Our Shared Past:
The View From the Box: Jill Ryder
Backward Glances
Did You Know?

Carriages & Driving:
Getting Started: Driving the Horse in Harness by Charles Kellogg
In the Stable: Distinctive National Styles of Driving by Tom Ryder

Our Community:
The Passing Scene
The Last Word with Anne Hearn

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