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On the Cover of the January 2017 issue:
This winter scene is by Canadian painter Richard DeWolfe. Richard and his wife, Mary, live on a horse farm near Kingston, Ontario. You can see more of his work at

The Insider
In this issue: a preview of the CAA’s upcoming Learning Weekend (Feb. 2-5), by the CAA’s president, Jerry D. Rider.

Backward Glances
A sleighing scene, published in 1870 by Currier & Ives.

Did You Know?
Tidbits of carriage- and driving-related information.

In the Carriage House
by Stephan Broeckx
The story of Maymont (Richmond, Virginia) and its carriage collection.

In the Stable
by the late Tom Ryder
The eighth installment of a serialized reprint of the late Tom Ryder’s popular book On the Box Seat: A Manual of Driving, which is now out of print.

Nuts and Bolts
by Randy Solle
Looking at the details of a Brougham.

Traveling with Reindeer
by Susan Green
How the Laplanders, Samoyed, and Tungus peoples traveled in their frozen climates, using sleds, sledges, and reindeer.

Thoughts After Traveling to Argentina
story by Craig Paulsen, photos by Hedda Von Goeben
A recap, in words and pictures, of the CAA’s 2016 trip to Argentina.

Sleigh Ride Through Easter Russia
by the late Thomas W. Knox
A detailed account of a nineteenth-century journey by sleigh through parts of Russia (originally published in February 1869).

Both Elegant and Sumptuous
by Ken Wheeling
A look at several of the royal sleighs of Europe.

Memory Lane
“12 Hanover Square” by the late Tom Ryder.

The Bookshelf
A review of a book focused on a Swedish carriage collection.

Letters to the Editor
“Uncle Sig” enjoying the most recent issue of The Carriage Journal.

The Last Word
The tale of a huge sleigh, known as Cleopatra’s Barge, by Greg Cuffey.

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