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10394620_10152764500450490_355092291345563147_nFirst up in our fall lineup of travels is Mullet Hall. The 2016 CAA Driving Weekend is planned for October 19-23th at Johns Island, South Carolina where members can take advantage of the twenty-plus miles of beautiful carriage trails. Details are here.

The CAA is headed to Argentina in November. To get the full details click on the picture! guacho

CAA Carriage Festival

Carriage Festival PosterThe CAA Carriage Festival (July 1-3) is more than just a driving horse show. It is a celebration of all things related to horsedrawn carriages from the pleasure-driving show and the annual Carriage Showcase, to the trade fair, educational talks and demos, and social activities with fellow CAA members and carriage aficionados. There is something for everyone during the three days of activities located in and around the (indoor and air-conditioned!) Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

Carriage Showcase
The annual Carriage Showcase competition is a great place to show off your vehicles or to view some spectacular ones, plus learn a thing or two! 2016 Carriage Festival Informational Booklet

Social Activities
We want everyone to enjoy themselves meeting new and old friends, and you are invited to participate in the welcome reception, the barbecue dinner on Friday evening (tickets available), and the popular barn party.

Talks and Demos
Educational talks and demos will take place over the weekend on a variety of subjects, including harness, carriage art, pony vehicles, tips for showing, and so much more.

Trade Fair
Vendors will be set up on the mezzanine in the Alltech Arena.

Pleasure-driving Show
A variety of driving classes will be presented on Friday and Saturday, ranging from single ponies to coaches and everything in between! Come watch and delight in the spectacle. (If you are interested in showing, please visit www.CarriageFestival.com to request that a copy of the prize list be mailed to you.) Prefer to see the schedule online? CAA Carriage Festival Class List

Driving at Will
Come stable with us in Barns 22, 23, and 24, near the Alltech Arena. You can then drive around the Park at will.

The Kentucky Horse Park

Ready to experience the top Lexington attractions for kids and adults alike? The Kentucky Horse Park has so much to offer. You can meet Thoroughbred legends at the Hall of Champions, see interesting breeds at the Breeds Barn Show, or head out for a walking barn tour to meet the Park’s police horses, see the blacksmith facility, and explore a Kids’ Barn filled with stories and activities perfect for young visitors.

Visit the Kentucky Horse Park’s museums for a comprehensive look at horse history and culture around the world — there’s nothing else like it! Celebrate history’s greatest horses at the memorials and statues located around the park. Or take a horseback riding tour of the grounds to capture the true essence of the Kentucky Horse Park.

2016 Carriage Showcase!

Demarest Hunting Break owned by Dale DeHaan
Demarest Hunting Break owned by Dale DeHaan
The CAA Carriage Showcase Committee is proud to be an important part of the ongoing activities that our association offers. We aim to provide a friendly venue for people wanting to enter their animal-drawn vehicles in a competition. The Carriage Showcase is an adjudicated evaluation of vehicles preserved, restored, or newly built that follow traditional styles. The Carriage Showcase is an annual CAA event and will be part of the CAA Carriage Festival at the Kentucky Horse Park this year, July 1-3 . The Carriage Showcase judges use a standardized scoring system to evaluate each vehicle very carefully.

You can enter a vehicle in one of several different classes:

1) Restored Amateur (to qualify for this class, the painting must be done by an amateur, but the striping and trimming can be done professionally)

2) Restored Professional (authenticity and quality are the main objectives of this class; the judges will look at paintwork & striping, trimming & upholstery, soundness, and changes to the vehicle)

3) Original (this class is not a judged class but gives owners an opportunity to display a prized vehicle in original condition; these vehicles are always fun to see and our judges will always be happy to comment on them)

4) New Vehicles (this class gives everyone a chance to see the work of our present-day carriage builders)

5) Miniature Reproductions (these are modeled reproductions of original vehicles but not intended for animal-drawn use)

6a) Vehicles in Use – Restored, 30 years or older (this class will commonly be entered by those who come to the Carriage Festival to drive; vehicles entered in this class are not eligible for awards if they have been entered in a previous Carriage Showcase, unless at least 20% of the vehicle has been modified since its last competition; vehicles previously entered in a Restored class and driven since then can be entered in this class and receive a certificate)

6b) Vehicles in Use – New, 30 years or younger.

When the venue allows, we will periodically have a photo competition for anyone wanting to share an historical or current photo of a carriage-related activity. We will have a Photo Showcase at the Carriage Festival this year.

All vehicles entered in the Carriage Showcase are eligible for a certificate (gold, silver, or bronze).

There are four special awards: the Carl Casper Trophy (awarded to the highest-scoring restored vehicle); the Sidney Latham Memorial Trophy (awarded to the highest-scoring restored vehicle in use); the Ken Sowles Memorial Trophy (people’s choice); and the Davis Documentation Award (best-documented vehicle).

Registration forms are available here.

Vehicles are not judged on appointments that would have been on the vehicle when it was used, but these are nice to have in the presentation. Documentation is an important part of your entry and counts toward your score.

We hope you will consider entering a vehicle in one of our Carriage Showcase classes. We know what an effort it is to bring and prepare a vehicle for showing. The Carriage Showcase judging is followed by the judges’ commentary, which everyone enjoys. CAA members always enjoy seeing the work of others and learning what our experts have to say about the numerous ways you can look at a vehicle and its parts.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Carriage Showcase, during the CAA Carriage Festival at the Kentucky Horse Park, July 1-3.

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