The 1878 Paris Exposition and Brewster

At the 1878 Paris Exposition Brewster displayed thirteen vehicles.

No. 1. Park Drag. Green and vermilion and black.
No. 2. Landau. Green and vermilion stripes.
No. 3. Brougham, pair horse. Green and black.
No. 4. Lady’s Brougham, single horse. Black and red.
No. 5. Victoria. Double Suspension. Maroon and red.
No. 6. Cabriolet. Green and cream white.
No. 7. Lady’s Driving Phaeton. Claret and bluff.
No. 8. Two-wheeler. Lake and carmine.
No. 9. T-Cart. Maroon and orange stripes.
No. 10. American Trotting Phaeton. Yellow and black.
No. 11. Road Wagon. Green and black.
No. 12. Whitechapel Wagon. Blue and carmine.
No. 13. Racing Sulky. Simply varnished.

Henry Brewster was awarded the Decoration of Legion of Honor by the French government as a special token of approval. Brewster & Company was award a gold medal and five of their foremen were awarded diplomas. Special note was taken of the quality of the painting and combination of colors.