Preserve the Legacy

The Carriage Association of America began, half a century ago, as a small group of carriage collectors. Since then, the CAA has grown into the leading U.S. and world resource for educating its members and the public about carriage makers, carriage restoration, carriage- and driving-related history, traditional standards of turnout, and so much more.

Our unique and valuable resources — essentially, the gathered knowledge of a past era when horses and carriages were a vital part of everyday life — are something that we all treasure. All of us want to ensure that the CAA, as the repository of this knowledge, is passed on to future generations. We must now contemplate a permanent and viable home for our valuable collection, so that we may preserve it for future generations of researchers, enthusiasts, restorers, and drivers.

All donations, big or small, are greatly appreciated.

Helping preserve our horse-drawn heritage for over 50 years.