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Traveling from Maine to Maryland for weddings, movie and television work, city and town events, festivals, parades, private functions and elegant horse drawn funerals.

Andreas Nemitz
Kerschlach 6
82396 Pähl
We invite you join us for a journey into the past. On an European post carrige tour you, too, can discover the country and people just as Goethe, king Ludwig and the Lindau Messenger did in their days.

Coaching in Bavaria, situated near Lake Ammersee, is the only operator in Germany to offer organised carriage tours over several days in the Alpine region and down to the sea, and has done so for many years.

– Travel:
> Performance of 3- to 14- days journeys with horses and original carriages
> Consultancy for preparation and performance of long distance journeys with your own horses and carriages in Europe
> Preparation of horse travel concerning planning routes, overnight stations, documentation, and performance

We also offer funerals in a horse-drawn hearse, built ca. 1890 by the famous builder Rosik & Syn, Pilzen, Check Republik.

Helping preserve our horse-drawn heritage for over 50 years.