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“Official” arrival day!

Sunday is the official start of the CAA trip, with everyone finally getting here today. However this year the majority of the group had decided to come at least a day early in order to have the chance to look around the city of Buenos Aires. So I have seen many of our small and special group already.
Yesterday was the first day that Argentina had enjoyed “hot” weather and it was sunny and in the 80s. Today is expected to be the same.
Our hotel is the Sofitel Hotel in the heart of Buenos Aires. We have stayed here many times and it is simply a great hotel, with very helpful and friendly staff and a wonderful bar where you can also enjoy a meal.
Breakfast is a large buffet of everything (and more!) that you could want!

stay tuned!

Jill Ryder is traveling to Buenos Aires on Friday, to lead this year’s CAA trip to Argentina.

Stay tuned to this page for her reports and photos from this unique trip.