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Cold days, warm museums…

Cold weather have you searching for warm activities? Check out our museum listings, you can sort the listings by state or just browse. Click on the blue icon to see the actual address, click on “More Details” to visit the museum’s web site. In the mean time, enjoy this assortment of pictures from museums across the country.

a “pickaxe” turnout

If you’re a U.S.-based Carriage Journal subscriber / Carriage Association member, you may have already read the “Nuts and Bolts” column in the latest issue. (If you’re a subscriber / member living outside the U.S., your magazine is on its way to you now!)

In that column, CAA member Nancy Lindley-Gauthier discusses the “pickaxe” turnout: two wheelers and three leaders.

To help illustrate a draft-horse method of arranging the harness for this unusual turnout, Dave Rohrback hitched his five Percherons in a pickaxe formation, took them for a drive in the woods, and took several photos. This photo is the one that appeared in the “When Four Is Not Enough” column in the August issue.




For a few different views, here are three more images of those same five Percherons that didn’t make it into the magazine.

All four photos by Dave Rohrback. Thanks, Dave, for preparing your turnout and taking these photos to give us a better look at this type of turnout!








Source: The Slower Road