Wagonette (Victoria Carriage Works)

Victoria Carriage Works
Long Acre, London
Circa 1905

The wagonette was said to have been introduced in England by Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, about 1850. Its design was probably based on a type then in use in Germany.

Wagonettes became very popular in Britain and were made in a range of types and sizes. Many were made with the passenger seats hinged so they could be dropped down to provide space for luggage or goods. Removable tops were popular, making this a useful carriage for all seasons.
The wagonette was purchased from Ben W. Colburn of Tulare, California, in June 1961. Mr. Colburn said it had been bought in Canada.
The Victoria Carriage Works was established about 1890 in Long Acre, London. The firm continued at that address until it was merged with the Burlington Carriage Company of 315–317 Oxford Street, about 1910.

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