Wagonette (Artistic Iron Products)

Artistic Iron Products
Newark, Lincolnshire
March, 1986

The wagonette carries eight passengers and is of traditional design, but was made with modern materials and special features, such as an icebox below the floor and battery operated lamps. The side lamps are fitted on sliding bars so that they can be extended outwards to give better illumination of the road ahead. The body is mounted on four elliptic springs and there are hydraulic drum brakes to all four wheels, with separate pedals for front and rear wheels. The front boot is accessible from inside the body.
The drawings were made by Artistic Iron Products to detailed instructions from Mr. Seabrook.
Artistic Iron Products is a firm set up by Michael Mart in the 1970s. The first horse-drawn vehicles they made were specially-designed competition carriages for use in the then-new F.E.I. Combined Driving Trials. Mr. Seabrook was impressed by the quality of the workmanship on these carriages, and the wagonette was the first carriage he ordered from them.

Helping preserve our horse-drawn heritage for over 50 years.