Pony Dog-cart Phaeton

ponyphaetonJ. Bligh & Sons
Ramsgate, England
Circa 1905

Sometimes described as having curved or concave panels, this stylish little carriage was very popular in the closing years of the 19th century and the early 20th century. It is equipped with shafts and a pole, making it usable with a single or a pair of good-sized ponies. The dog cart and its many variations were among the carriages covered by the generic term “trap,” hence one reads in Edwardian novels of a “pony and trap.”
The dog-cart phaeton was purchased in England in 1967 for use with a pony belonging to Mr. Seabrook’s two sons. It was repainted while on loan to Mrs. Sybil Dukehart in 1982. Mrs. Dukehart used the phaeton with her team of four Welsh Mountain ponies and she had a shorter pole made for use with them.
J. Bligh & Sons was an old established firm in the county of Kent, England, with a good local clientele.

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