Game Cart Trap “Little Nimrod”


J. F. Goodrich & Co.
New York
Circa 1905

The design of this carriage is an American adaptation of the British dog-cart phaeton. The rear seat is reversible so that, with the center box removed, all passengers might be seated facing forward. The rear seats can then be reached by raising the left-hand front seat. The tail board is hinged so that it can be lowered to form a foot board supported by light chains. It has the name “Little Nimrod” on the tail board.

This is one of several carriages sent to New York in 1959 by the Lord Mayor of Hamilton, Bermuda, to be sold for charity by his son-in-law, Max Kriendler, one of the owners of the ’21 Club. Mr. Kriendler asked Mr. Seabrook to horse it for publicity on Christmas Eve and the actor Joseph Cotten rode with him. Mr. Seabrook later acquired this carriage, a Brewster victoria, and a few smaller carriages from the Bermuda consignment.

The firm of Goodrich was one of several smaller firms in New York that supplied carriages to the wealthier families in the city.

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