Basket Phaeton

Serial No. 25429
Brewster & Co.
New York
April 1906

In the Brewster records, this carriage is described as a “three-
spring turn-under rumble basket phaeton” and it was sold on April 17, 1906, to E.B. Smith, The Bourse, Philadelphia. The body was painted black with no striping and the basket work (rattan cane) was stained green. The carriage part (undercarriage) was painted primrose yellow with medium broad black striping. It was trimmed with green broadcloth and a plain carpet. Linoleum was fitted on the floor of the groom’s seat. Such a carriage was designed for driving by a lady in summertime, always accompanied by a groom.

The phaeton was given to Mr. Seabrook in 1954 by John Story Smith and Edward Brinton Smith of Philadelphia, two of the sons of Edward Brinton Smith, the original owner. It was not possible to completely clean off green paint that had been applied to the canework during the Second World War; consequently, it was repainted in dark green in 1968.

This is a fine example of the great range of high-class carriages made by Brewster & Co. for more than half a century. We are fortunate that some of their order books still survive in which details of original orders are recorded.

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