Beaufort Phaeton (Artistic Iron Works)

Bennington Carriage Co./
Artistic Iron Products
Newark, Lincolnshire
October, 2000

This is a six-passenger version of a dog-cart phaeton made for a pair of horses of about sixteen hands. The pole is made of aluminium and is sprung to give it a small range of vertical movement. The wheels are also made of aluminium, and they are fitted with tapered steel roller bearings. It has hydraulic disc brakes to the front and rear wheels. A second pole is fitted with a hook pole-head for a four-in-hand.

The drawings were based on the design of the Windover Beaufort Phaeton.

This was the latest of several carriages made by Artistic Iron Products for Mr. Seabrook over the years and all have proved satisfactory. The firm is still owned and managed by its founder, Michael Mart.

Helping preserve our horse-drawn heritage for over 50 years.